Drawing Foundations Spring 2017 – Resurrection Drawing

The goal for the Resurrection Drawing is to give students a chance to let go of the perceived preciousness of their work and explore what happens when you push the process to its limits.  Students were tasked with using a drawing from earlier in the semester and working back into the drawing.  Then once that drawing had progressed they then needed to kill the drawing, bringing it back to a state of emptiness to work the same image again.  Students repeated this process roughly five times or until the new composition was an effective playing between these multiple layers of repetition and wiping the slate clean.

Drawing Foundations Fall 2016 – Value/Dark+Light




The Value/Dark+Light assignment for Drawing Foundations is based on a student’s ability to identify the separation of gradation in objects and to represent how this separation of gradients defines the form of any object.  Successful students exhibited their ability to distill the complexities of value in an object into cohesive drawings that display a bold and contrasting view of they objects they chose to draw.

Beginning Painting Spring 2015 – Final





The Final assignment for the Beginning Painting class is a culmination of all of the basic principles the students worked on throughout the semester.  The Students this semester were given the prompt to make work about the idea of “The Fantastic.”  Students focused on taking the everyday and making it extraordinary, while reflecting on the avenues of paint they explored throughout the semester.